UK spouse visa extension follows a stringent guideline. The government of the United Kingdom has set some strict rules to obtain extension for this visa. You might already know about some of the rules and be ready to follow the the guidelines  yet there are legal requirements that only an expert lawyer can help you out . It is therefore important to have reliable and expert legal advice  and at Highfin Limited we are here to provide that advice .  Highfin lawyers can also advise you on the super priority service in UK.

Generally, those who are not European Economic Area nationals (non-EEA residents) and looking for extending the spouse visa before expiry require this particular service. At Highfin Limited we have been working for many years in this field and have helped clients from all walks of life and are ready to help you on your spouse visa extension.

This extension visa is a two-part process that begins with filing an extension application. This application is only applicable if your spouse wishes to stay in the United Kingdom and your spouse’s visa has expired. Highfin’s legal experts and solicitors can offer expert advice and help your application to go through a smooth process.

What Does the Law State?

To file a spouse visa extension application, the spouse (sponsor) must be

  • A British Citizen
  • Currently living and settled in UK

The basic requirements for the applicant must fulfill the following clauses

  • Must be 18 years of legal age
  • Must be capable of supporting the household
  • Understand English to a minimum requirement

If these basics are met, Highfin Limited will handle the complexities of your visa extension. Our immigration solicitors in London assist you from start to finish by guiding you through this process ensuring all appropriate evidence is obtained . We also help our clients apply for ILR using the 10 years ilr premium service .

Supporting Documents Requirements:

When you come to us to seek legal advice on your spouse visa extension, we make your case/application meets all the necessary requirements and obtain all appropriate  documents from you. Generally, the UK Visa and Immigration Officers (UKVI) may want to see the following documents:

  • Active passport and other travel documents
  • Certificate of Marriage or civil partnership
  • Criminal convictions details, if applicable
  • Evidence about living together in UK
  • National Insurance Number, if applicable
  • UK accommodation details
  • Bank statements and salary details
  • British passport of the sponsor
  • Details of the children
Financial Requirements

The financial requirements for spouse visa vary with the number of family members. It starts with a basic fee of £18,600 and the value gets added with the inclusion of every member.

Super-Fast Service

For the renewal of spouse visa our expert solicitors can offer you a super-fast solution. We are a regulated firm of solicitors and registered at Companies House. We aspire to be one of the best immigration lawyers in UK.

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